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Iomic Absolute Jumbo Putter Grip

IOMIC Absolute X Jumbo Grips are 127 grams and IOMIC’s first true Jumbo putter grip. They come in three classic colours, red, black and blue and features a micro-tread pattern for a unique grip and ex..


Iomic I Classic Mid-Size Putter Grip

The Iomic I-Classic Putter Mid GripIntroducing our first ever hybrid putter grip!Incorporating our smooth putter texture and our tour proven Sticky pattern on the underside, this unique combination al..


Iomic I-Xx 2.3 Grip

A combination of the best: for those seeking the ultimate in control and stability, the i-Xx is our recommendation. The upper half of grip has a deep textured pattern for extra adhesion and the lower ..


Iomic iX SA 2.0 Grip

Introducing iOmic iX SA Grip 2.0. The grip has finally begun a new era! The grip absorbs the impact from the club! Your best shot is from the grip.The iX SA Grip incorporates shock absorbers that are ..


Iomic Putter Large Grip

The Iomic Large Putter Grip features a more rounded profile to enable the grip to fit into the palms correctly, reducing grip pressure.Available in:  Red | White | Royal Blue | BlackWeight: 75 gr..


Iomic Putter Medium Grip

The Iomic Medium Putter Grip features a squarer profile for those who prefer to feel the contours of their grip. A supremely comfortable grip.Available in: Orange | Sky Blue | Red | Pink | Green ..


Iomic Sticky 2.3 Black Army Grip

The Sticky Black Army 2.3 is the latest addition to Iomic's wide range of multi-colored grips. Iomic's unique production method of molding colors make these grips last long, and pop! Available in:..


Iomic Sticky 2.3 Grip

Having been developed in Japan, the original Iomic grips were designed for Asian golfers who prefer a smaller diameter.The Sticky 2.3 grip was launched in 2009 to meet European demand for an industry ..


Iomic Sticky Jumbo Grip

The Sticky Jumbo is the largest size available in our Sticky series. It's Eco-Friendly design consists of two layers of materials: a firmer, inner core made from recycled Iomic grips, and a softer sur..


Iomic Sticky Midsize Grip

This is a new grip size in our popular Sticky series. The Sticky Mid fits in between the Sticky Jumbo and Sticky 2.3. It’s new Eco-Friendly design consists of two layers of materials: A firm inner cor..


Vega Tour Density Grip

The Vega Tour Density combines the benefits of both rubber and cord to provide a grip of exceptional feel and performance in all conditions.The Tour Density features ultra soft cord in the upper hand ..