Vega Alkaid Fairway

Vega Alkaid Fairway

The Alkaid fairway has a stainless steel body with carbon fibre crown and maraging steel face for the perfect combination of sound, feel and performance. The fairway wood features a new aerodynamic flatter sole with a more prominent curved crown and an integrated weight port.

The full Airflow stabilizer is utilised to improve aerodynamics further improving club head stability and speed. Fully interchangeable shaft options.

Loft: 3 Wood (14°) & 5 Wood (18°)
Lie: 58° & 59°

The Vega Alkaid Driver comes with an Oban Kiyoshi Graphite Shaft

Trible Collars Adapter Setting

Standard loft, lie neutual, neutual Standard loft, lie neutual, draw Standard loft, lie plus, neutual Standard loft, lie plus, draw

D/LN/-1 D/LN/+2 D/L+/-1 D/L+/+2
Draw/lie neutual/loft -1 Draw/lie neutual/loft +2 Draw/lie plus/loft -1 Draw/lie plus/loft +2

+1/LN/N +1/LN/D +1/L+/N +1/L+/D
Loft +1, lie neutual, neutual Loft +1, lie neutual, draw Loft +1, lie plus, neutual Loft +1, lie plus, draw

N/LN/-1 N/LN/+2 N/L+/-1 N/L+/+2
Neutual/lie neutual/loft -1 Neutual/lie neutual/loft +2 Neutual/lie plus/loft -1 Neutual/lie plus/loft +2
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The Vega Alkaid Woods are out of stock until August 2021