Iguana Golf Grips

Iguana Golf Grips

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Iguana Classic Standard Half-Cord Grip

The IGUANA Classic half cord offers all of the benefits of our Classic grip with the additional benefit of our low abrasive cord on the rear half of the grip. The lower abrasive cord used in the grip ..

£6.99 £2.00

Iguana Golf Classic Mid-Size Putter Grip

With a smooth texture to the midsize putter, combined with the ART compound to the rear, the midsize putter grip offers great feel and performance levels to golfers who prefer a larger grip. Available..

£9.98 £6.00

Iguana Golf Classic Paddle Putter Grip

Our paddle putter grip features the same soft, low torque ART compound as our Classic iron grips. The paddle design with the flat front is ergonomically designed to fit the players palm securely with ..

£6.99 £4.00

Iguana Golf Elastomer Putter Grip

The Iguana Elastomer Putter grips come in 3 profiles of varying size to suit all golfers looking for a grip with vibrant colour, excellent feel, durability and are water and uv resistant ensuring exce..

£8.99 £3.99

Iguana Golf Flag Standard Putter Grip

The Iguana Flag Standard putter grip is a super tacky, ultra soft grip, providing excellent cushioning and responsive feel. Stunning looks and quality. Available in 1 colour option...

£9.99 £5.99

Iguana Golf Flag Super Lite Jumbo Putter Grip

The Iguana Flag Jumbo Lite is a Jumbo grip, lightweight, with a design shape similar to a conventional putter grip. The grip will fill both hands ensuring no gaps between hands and grip, reducing grip..

£19.99 £7.95

Iguana Golf Flag Tri Palm Putter Grip

The Iguana Flag Tri-Palm is unique in that the sides are flat and elongated back to front, ensuring the palms stay in position facing one another throughout the set up and stroke. Perfect for both str..

£12.99 £5.99

Iguana Golf Snake Skin Putter Grip

The New Snake Skin grips add that real exotic look and feel to the Iguana line up. The Snake skin grips are mid size to try and help in reducing unwanted wrist action whilst putting. The 4 colour opti..

£24.99 £7.50

Iguana Golf Tour Leather Putter Grip

Our NEW Tour Leather putter grips use the finest Cabretta leather for a super soft feel. The precision stitching along the spine gives a perfectly straight grip aid. The NEW Tour Leather grips also be..

£15.00 £7.95