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Body And Construction

A 1 piece cast Ti body gives ultimate strength and reduces the loss of energy at impact giving unsurpassed power, meaning longer distance. Ti body undergoes a process of cryogenic freezing after casting.  This adjusts the molecular structure of the Ti to make it even harder and hotter off the face.

Face Technology

The face is made from one piece of forged Ti.  The ‘Forged Cross Face Thickness’ (FCFT) that is on the inside of the face gives a very solid feel and its complex dual cross design takes the performance right to the limit giving strength, power and feel.   The external face features a unique mix of traditional grooves to the edges and surface laser engraving to the centre.  The grooves dispel any water that may affect ball flight at impact whilst the laser engraving is shallow in the centre to reduce any unwanted back or side spin.


The unique aerodynamic channels and head shape make this one the most aerodynamic driver heads on the market.  The improved aerodynamics reduce head vibration during the swing, thus resulting in a more stable head that you are more likely to hit out the sweet spot.  The aerodynamic efficiency also gives a faster club head speed resulting in more distance.

Adjustable Weight Port

This gives complete adjustability. Changing the weight can help lower or raise CG, thus adjusting spin and launch conditions to suit the individual.  Adjusting the weights also affects shot shape, helping you get your desired shape.  Fine tune your club around your game.

Loft: 9.5, 10.5, 11.5
Flex: Regular, Stiff
Length: -1/2”, Standard, +1/2”


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