United Premier PD-01 Driver

Save United Premier PD-01 Driver

The PD-01 has a fully Forged Titanium construction. It has a reinforced double crown which, combined with Power Band design, reduces deformation of the head which gives maximum power back to the ball with no energy lost at impact.

The heat treated face is super hot and engineered to work perfectly with the rigid double crown construction.The PD-01 looks big at the address position with a long shallow profile which has pushed the centre of gravity low and deep for optimum launch and spin. The new crown detailing is designed to help line up shots correctly.

The end result is the most powerful and forgiving driver we have made to date with a very distinctive look.

Loft: 9.5, 10.5, 11.5, 12.5
Flex: Ladies, Regular, Stiff
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