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United Premier PD-01 Driver

The PD-01 has a fully Forged Titanium construction. It has a reinforced double crown which, combined with Power Band design, reduces deformation of the head which gives maximum power back to the ball ..

£299.00 £149.99

United Premier PF-01 Fairway

The PF-01 is a beautifully simple and classic design with softened edges around the sole and crown to improve the resistance to drag. As with all the United wood line the Power Band technology has bee..

£169.00 £84.99

United Premier PU-01 Hybrid

The PU-01 has a compact head made from heat treated stainless steel. The smaller design makes it very easy to get a clean strike on the ball,even from the hardest lies.On the PU-01 the Power Band is c..

£149.00 £74.99

Vega RAD 04 Driver

Forged Titanium body with heat treated 6-4 Titanium face to give more strength and power.  The crown is much thinner than the rest of the body, leaving more weight in the sole area to lower ..


Vega RAF 04 Fairway Wood

The RAF-04 has a new Maraging steel face and a one piece body made from 17-4 Stainless steel.  This one piece body adds strength and stability.  The Maraging face is super hard and giv..


United Premier K Driver

Body And ConstructionA 1 piece cast Ti body gives ultimate strength and reduces the loss of energy at impact giving unsurpassed power, meaning longer distance. Ti body undergoes a process of cryogenic..

£349.00 £174.99